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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

6:41 AM

Teen topanga porn


Related article: Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 16:19:26 -0800 (PST) From: rocky simpson Subject: The Day After Tomorrow - Part 4DISCLAIMER: The following story is fiction and does not necessarily represent the sexuality of actors or characters involved. The author has no knowledge of the actors' sexuality and this is purely a work of fiction.The Day After Tomorrow: Part 4By: RockyEverything looks different from far away. Sometimes you have to look closer to truly realize a situation. From a distance, Jake's encounter with Chris seemed like a perfectly healthy, normal situation. But place it under a microscope, and the true horrors of what Christopher Meloni had done to young, confused Jake Gyllenhaal, were suddenly revealed. And Jake wouldn't have it that way; no one could know what had happened. Sure Chris deserved to pay for what he did, but the police could never know. The only thing worse than being date-raped by a bigger man (let alone a television star) is having to admit it to the authorities. Jake was done with men for now. Done with Dennis, Chris, everyone he had let into his heart (or ass, for that matter). Or so he thought.As Jake made his way out of the seedy New York nightclub in which the incident had taken place, he reached deep into his pockets. Searching for anything, he didn't know what. Redemption? Revenge? Reality? Whatever he could find. He adjusted his right hand in his pocket and felt something, a crumpled up piece of paper. He pulled it out, scrutinizing it with a bewildered look.Chad 555-1905 Call MeJake suddenly remembered his chance encounter with young teenage heartthrob Chad Michael Murray. He was cute, in sort of a pre-teen obsession way. Jake thought little of it as he tossed the piece of paper back into his pocket, before hailing a cab. Six Months Later Time had passed, people had moved on, and so had Jake. Dennis was just a distant memory to him now, and Chris was merely an illusion. His career had skyrocketed, but his personal life had taken a hit. He was so busy working on films and doing personal appearances, love and sex had taken a backseat. He was lazily slouching around his apartment in the Upper East Side, feeling disheveled with unkempt hair, scruffy beard, boxer pants and a white tank top that still accentuated his upper body. He gazed around his bedroom, before deciding that it was finally time to do some laundry, and god forbid, have some clothes wmv teen porn that hadn't seen more than 3 outfits. He picked up some jeans, a couple button-down shirts, and some boxers and socks to wash (but not before quickly shoving his bottle of Jack Daniels under his bed) and headed to the laundry room. Jake turned on the washer, poured in the detergent, and began shoveling items in. He stared at the white tile floor and noticed a piece of paper. It had seen its share of washings, but the writing was still visible.Chad 555-1905 Call MeJake didn't know what it was, but he decided it had been long enough. Over six months is a long time to go without sex. Yeah, Jake had jacked off, but then the thoughts of Chris and Dennis free teen porn pics still materialized in free porn teen thumbs his head. He picked up his cordless phone, sighed a breath of relief, and began to dial."Hello?" came the voice at the other end."Oh, uh hi, is Chad there?" Jake responded."Yeah this is him." Chad answered."Oh hey Chad, It's Jake, Jake Gyllenhaal." Jake said, obviously nervous."Hey Jake, long time, no call, what's up with you?" Chad asked."Nothing man, just been, you know, busy. I was just wondering if you wanted to get together, you google teen porn know, maybe have a coffee or a drink or something." Jake tried not to sound desperate."Yeah, that'd be great, except, um, I'm kind of seeing someone right now." Chad replied."Oh, that's ok, I guess, look it was nice talking to you." Jake responded, disappointed."Yeah, but look I just got an idea, my friend Tom, he's single, attractive, looking, you know, how about I set you two up?" Chad propositioned."Tom, Tom Welling?" Jake asked."Yeah, you've heard of him? He's on that show about Superman or some shit, I don't know, I don't really watch it." Chad laughed."Seriously? That'd be great Chad." Jake said."Sounds good, tell you what, why don't you be at Viper, that new bar downtown, at like, say 7, and he'll meet you there." Chad responded."Sounds great. Thanks so much Chad." Jake said as he hung up the phone.Jake had a date. He tried everything to avoid being really excited, but come on, Tom Welling. How hot is this guy? Jake could barely count the hours until he could start getting ready.It was around six, and Jake had just gotten into the shower. He loved soaping himself up, and hopefully he'd get to soap down Tom later that night. He started to get hard thinking about it, as he began to lather the soap on his balls and thought of Tom. He quickly reached for the shower knob, turning the water to cold. Didn't want to get too excited.He got out of the shower, toweled off, and threw on a pair of CK black briefs. A pair of jeans, a belt, an undershirt and a white Armani free teen porn pics shirt later, and Jake was free teen porn chatrooms all ready to go out. lesbian teen mpeg He grabbed his wallet, his cell, and headed out the door.The bar was this new trendy hangout spot near Brooklyn. Jake hadn't been there yet, but had heard of it. He liked the smooth teen pussy scene, it was kind of a low-key place to be, nothing like regular gay nightclubs that have techno music blaring from the walls and go-go boys in cages hanging from the ceiling. This one was different, yeah there was casual sex in somewhat public places, but it wasn't as flamboyant. He saw some regulars, Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody were once again in the corner, but this time they were toasting shots of vodka, not doing it doggie style. Julian McMahon was hitting on Nick Carter at the bar, a far cry from when Jake had last seen him, making Kerr Smith his bitch in the backroom at Ice. Jake got a booth near Ben and Adam, and ru teen porn ordered a gin and tonic."Hey there, what's up?" a husky voice came from behind Jake."Tom...hey, what's up man?" Jake answered."Nothing much, man, is this seat taken?" Tom laughed.Tom took a seat and ordered his favorite drink, a white wine. The crowd diminished as the night wore on, but a few guys were still there, deciding whether or not to go home with their dates. Jake and Tom had quickly hit off, with Tom's pearly white smile entrancing Jake."So, you wanna go to one of the backrooms? I know the owner, friend of mine – can get us a killer room." Tom said."Yeah man." Jake answered.Tom took Jake by the hand and led the way to the back. Tom had reserved the best room in the place, specifically for him and Jake."Holy shit, you're so hot." Tom whispered as he kissed Jake."Yeah, it's been awhile." Jake whispered back."Don't worry, I'll go slow." Tom chuckled.Tom unbuttoned Jake's shirt, and threw it out of the room. Jake smiled, and Tom lifted up his undershirt and began to kiss Jake's nipples. He lightly tossed Jake down teen porn cartoons on the gay teen social couch, and began to ru teen porn unbutton Jake's jeans."Oh yeah man...holy shit, I have to uh, go." Jake said out of the blue, seemingly upset."Really? ameteur teen porn What's wrong?" Tom asked, confused."I'll call you later. I'm sorry." Jake answered, before grabbing his shirt and pacing out of the room.Tom picked up Jake's undershirt, held it close to him, wiping some of the sweat from his forehead with it. What could have happened? He sat down on the couch, staring into the room across from his. Two guys were really going at it in there. Tom recognized one of them; it was his best buddy, Chad Michael Murray. And the guy pounding into him, was, the guy from that Law and Order show, Chris Meloni."Strange...hey, maybe I can join there little party." Tom thought to himself. The EndFeedback? E-mail me at niftyrockyyahoo.com - all comments welcome.
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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

12:00 AM

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